NASCAR: Lead Legacy
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"NASCAR, the national association for stock car auto racing. A sport rooted in bootleggers and moonshine, to being televised to millions around the world. From the beaches of Daytona to the modern-day super speedways NASCAR has come a long way from its humble roots. From the Hudson hornet to the ‘car of tomorrow’ nascars development is like no other. With over 40 drivers racing at 200mph, NASCAR is the ultimate consumer sport. Flags, flying laps, V8s, and plenty of left-hand turns, it’s easy to see why NASCAR is America's most loved motorsport. From ‘The King’ Richard Petty, to ‘The Intimadator’ Dale Earnhardt, few sports have seen as many iconic names. When you’re dealing with two hundred plus mile an hour speeds, danger is never far around the corner. In a sport where success is measured by whoever can cross the line first, it’s easy to forget that it’s a blessing just to cross the line at all."
Starring Bob Taylor
Director Ben Sempey