Oh, God!
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In this box office comedy smash, God (played by the one and only George Burns) comes to Earth to spread the Good Word, but has a hard time convincing his chosen messenger, John Denver, an assistant manager of a supermarket, who He really is. Denver must in turn prove it to his disbelieving family as well as the rest of the world in this wonderfully delightful family classic. Co-starring Academy Award-nominees Teri Garr ("Tootsie," "Young Frankenstein") and Ralph Bellamy ("War & Remembrance"), Paul Sorvino ("GoodFellas"), Donald Pleasance ("Halloween" series) and songstress Dinah Shore. An Oscar nominee for the screenplay by Larry Gelbart ("Tootsie"), directed by Carl Reiner ("The Man with Two Brains").
Starring George Burns, John Denver, Teri Garr
Director Carl Reiner