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A broke college kid, Min-jae, meets Seok-gu, a professional mortgage swindler. Seok-gu finds potentials in Min-jae of becoming a professional swindler with his handsome face, smart brain and witty words. Seok-gu suggests Min-jae to work with him in the world of mortgage fraud. Unlike Seok-gu, his business partner Ji-won is jealous of Min-jae's monopolistic success. Ji-won intentionally messes the business up and the whole team breaks apart. Creating a new team, Min-jae aims for bigger business going against Seok-gu's advice. Gradually, Min-jae realizes that his scam can push people to death and he tries to fix the problem.
Starring Im Si-wan, Jin Goo, Park Byeong-eun
Director Yang Kyung-mo