Open Your Eyes
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Open Your Eyes follows Dr. Kerry Gelb and influencer Chris Maraboli into thefuture of health. This feature length documentary explores how America becameso sick and how optometrists can now see almost 300 diseases in the eye. Thefilm delivers the resounding message that the eye holds the secrets to our hiddenhealth.The film journeys throughout North America, Europe and explores in contrast, thelively and robust lives of centenarians in Costa Rica, who for the most part haveno disease and live beyond 100 years without the major causes of mortality orblindness we come by in the United States.Interviews with medical experts, PhD’s, researchers and journalists conclusivelyconvey the emerging importance of how eye doctors have a major impact onprevention and why they should stand at the forefront of Health & Wellness.
Starring Dr. Kerry Gelb, Chris Maraboli
Director Wayne Chesler