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Take Nelson Eddy's distinctive voice, add Eleanor Powell's brilliant dancing, and toss in Cole Porter's music and you've got the romantic musical comedy Rosalie. Halfback Dick Thorpe (Eddy - Maytime, Naughty Marietta) meets Rosalie (Powell - Broadway Melody of 1940, Lady Be Good), a mysterious beauty from Vassar, after the big Army/Navy football game, where Thorpe scores as a gridiron hero but wants to score with Rosalie. He has no clue at first that she is a princess or that her father (Frank Morgan - The Wizard of Oz) is King Frederick Romanikov of Romanza, a tiny Balkan nation. Rosalie has fun teasing Thorpe, who she thinks is somewhat conceited, and she invites him to her country's springtime celebration. He accepts and trouble starts. The Queen challenges Thorpe's interest in Rosalie, having decided on a royal marriage for her daughter. But in the end true love rules the day for Rosalie.
Starring Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell, Frank Morgan
Director W. S. Van Dyke II