Saving the Titanic
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The sinking of the RMS Titanic on the 15th April 1912, has become one of the most profound moments in modern history. News of the tragedy shocked the world, signaling the end of an era, where mankind had put its trust and belief in technology. It was not just the death toll of over 1500 that added to the sorrow of the disaster. The sinking of the Titanic was a story of man challenging nature and losing. She boasted to be unsinkeable, yet sank, four days into her maiden voyage. Following the disaster, there was an attempt to shift the focus from tragedy to one of heroism. The name Titanic came to embody not just a cruel act of God, but the story of selfless bravery and duty to the last. As the tale of Titanic passed from generation to generation, the stories of her class structure and the inevitable loss of life on a ship with too few lifeboats, were well told. What is not known is the story of the men below deck, in her engine rooms. The men who worked to keep Titanic afloat and her systems running to the last minute, saving many lives. As she sank, this group of men tried to hold back the power of the sea and save the Titanic.
Starring Liam Cunningham, David Wilmot, Ciarán McMenamin
Director Maurice Sweeney