Semper Fi: Always Faithful
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When Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger lost his 9 year old daughter to a rare type of leukemia, he wondered why. When the first hint of evidence about polluted wells at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune surfaced, he feared he had his answer. But he needed proof. Using unclassified documents, military contacts and other victims, he began his search for truth, justice and healing. His intelligence, intuition and "Marine spirit" brings this eco-detective story to light as he discovers the true horror that the Pentagon is the nation's single biggest polluter and the top-down cover-up is only the beginning. This dramatic, heart-breaking documentary is both a searing look at the military's betrayal of its own and an emotional story of one man's transformation into the activist he never imagined he'd become.
Starring Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger, Mike Partain, Denita McCall
Director Tony Hardmon, Rachel Libert