Shuttlecock Boys
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Shuttlecock Boys revolves around the lives, successes and failures of four friends who hail from lower-middle-class backgrounds in Delhi. Should we accept what life offers to us on a platter? Or should we try to chase our dreams taking the path less taken, that’s the question our protagonists Gaurav, Manav, Pankaj and Loveleen seek to answer, as they decide to embark upon an eventful journey that will change the course of their lives and careers forever. The one thing that unites these four friends is their common love for badminton. Every evening they meet for a couple of games in their neighborhood joking about their lives and pulling each-other’s legs. This part of the day is the most pleasant part of their otherwise dreary lives. While playing badminton one such night, they decide to do something on their own. This very attempt becomes their lifeline putting them on a litmus test of determination, courage, luck and spirit of friendship.
Starring Aakar Kaushik, Manish Nawani, Alok Kumar
Director Hemant Gaba