Small Crimes
Available on Netflix
After six years in prison, ex-cop Joe Denton (Coster-Waldau) believes he's a changed man in SMALL CRIMES. At last free of his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and having served his time for a violent crime, he has every intention of renewing his role as father to his two children and making a new and better life. His parents, Joe Sr. (Robert Forster) and Irma (Jacki Weaver) are reluctant to believe him. They've been here before; their trust has been shattered too many times. And, Joe's ex-wife has put great distance between them; she warns him to keep away. No one's happy to see him at his old police job either, especially the man who was the victim of Joe's drug-fueled attack. But one corrupt, long-time colleague (Gary Cole) has an offer. If Joe can clean up some loose ends, take care of a still-existent threat to both men's futures, he promises to help Joe get a chance with his kids. The "still existent threat" is a dying felon, who just may want to clear his conscience and a measure of payback. Events intensify as the dying man's son becomes a fearsome adversary. The deck is stacked against Joe Denton, even when he meets Charlotte (Molly Parker), a sympathetic nurse who may be the one person who has his back. Joe's unerring ability to make bad choices and his self-destructive behavior find him in a series of violently escalating encounters that imperil the last chance he may have for redemption.
Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Molly Parker, Gary Cole
Director E.L. Katz