Suhaag Raat
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Rajjo is in love with Flight Lieutenant Jeetendra, and their marriage is arranged. On the day of the wedding, war is declared, the marriage gets canceled and he goes to combat. He is gravely injured, becomes crippled, and hospitalized. Rajjo's family perishes in aerial bombardment and she re-locates to live with her cousin. Jeetendra does return and is devastated when told that everyone has been killed. A wealthy woman Rani Saheba takes pity on him, hires him as Manager, and confides that her son, Thakur Uday Singh, is a womanizer and alcoholic. Jeetendra counsels her to compel him to get married, and he agrees to do so. The marriage is arranged with none other than Rajjo herself. Will Jeetendra be able to see this happen or will life take a drastic turn once again?
Starring Jeetender, Mehmood, Dhumal
Director R Bhattacharya