The Bride Wore Red
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Academy Award winner Joan Crawford stars as the unwitting subject of a wager between titled aristocrats over whether breeding of luck determines nobility. But the wily heart of the woman who becomes the subject of their experiment confounds everyone's plans in The Bride Wore Red. To prove that accident of birth alone determines a person's character and station in life, skeptical, snobbish and eccentric Count Armalia devises a grand scheme: He lavishes money on cabaret singer Anni Pavlovitch and introduces her to society as Anni Vivaldi, planning to reveal the hoax after two weeks. Tutored in manners and sumptuously gowned, Anni plays her part flawlessly: She understands she has two weeks to snare a rich husband even if she must steal him from another woman or she will return to her life of poverty. But as Anni seduces the dashing, wealthy Rudi Pal away from his fiancée, she loses her own heart to the town postmaster.
Starring Joan Crawford, Franchot Tone, Robert Young
Director Dorothy Arzner