The Garden and the Wilderness
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A poetic re-imagining of the Western genre, The Garden and the Wilderness examines the intersection between the demands of work and family in our lives, and how they can both help and hinder our ability to deal with life's hardships. After 30 years spent caring for a Texas hunting estate, ranch hand Will James must confront the prospect of moving on from his life's work when he learns that the property will be sold following the owner's death. A final visit from the late owner's son offers him a chance to reflect on his past, and to figure out what to make of himself in the uncertain future that awaits his family. After making its premiere at the Rome International Film Festival, The Garden and the Wilderness has stirred the hearts of audiences at film festivals worldwide. In 2013, the Houston Film Commission selected the film for the Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase, featuring a selection of the year’s best short films.
Starring Larry Grant Harbin, D.J. Economou, Terri Merritt Bennett
Director Craig Whitney