The Grahams: Rattle the Hocks
Rattle the Hocks, directed and produced by Cody Dickinson (son of late auteur, legendary James Dickinson and founding member of the North Mississippi Allstars) is a musical documentary that captures The Grahams relentless journey to explore the relationship between railroads and American roots music-though what's inadvertently captured is a husband and wife obtaining their American dream. Dickinson captivates audiences with the rhythms and energies of the transport system and the momentum of its time, as Doug's masterful resonator slide work and harmonies fuel Alyssa's locomotive voice and acoustic guitar chords. Together they ride steamlined rails, jumping aboard Amtrak cars including the Adirondack Line, the Texas Eagle, the Heartland Flyer and the Sunset Limited, crisscrossing the country as the land that informs their songs whizzes by. To Dickinson, working with The Grahams was a joy and a gift. He believes very few recording artists can perform with cameras around, that it takes a special kind of talent and willingness to bear your artistic heart and soul. But even more so, it takes trust. "That trust means the world to me and is what translates into a beautiful performance," said Dickinson.
Starring Doug Graham, Alyssa Graham, Luther Dickinson
Director Cody Dickinson