The Grover Complex
In southern California, awkward Latino teen Grover (Fernando Noor) is struggling with one of life’s big problems, “Does size matter”? When Grover gives his long-time crush, Bambi (Heather Tocquigny), a ride home one night from a party, a humiliating rite of passage happens that sends him into a spiral of self-doubt for the next two years. Now a film student, Grover has a chance encounter with Bambi and decides to prove to her just how much of a man he truly is. With the help of his faithful and funny friends Ron (Matthew Moy) and Lorenzo (Victor Kelso); his fickle brother, Fabio (Jesse Aguilera); and some “enhancements”, Grover must face off against his arch-nemesis, Ricky (Tristan Scott), to show Bambi the true measure of a man.
Starring Fernando Noor, Heather Tocquigny, Matthew Moy
Director Karen Bullis