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The Honeymoon Machine

The Honeymoon Machine

Available on iTunes, Hulu
Steve McQueen stars as a navy lieutenant with a foolproof scheme to get rich by winning at a Venice casino with the help of The Honeymoon Machine. While playing poker with his pals, Lieutenant Fergie Howard (McQueen) gets the news that Operation Honeymoon has been successful: His ship's onboard computer can predict exactly where a missile will land. A great advance for world peace--and a great idea for how to make a million! The ship's computer tech (Jim Hutton) confesses that the computer can also tell where a roulette ball will land. As soon at their ship docks in Venice, Howard secretly wires the computer to a high-class casino, and the money starts to roll in. But when the admiral sees signals coming into the computer, he assumes that real missiles have been launched!
Starring Steve McQueen, Jim Hutton, Brigid Bazlen
Director Richard Thorpe