The Kiss
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Greta Garbo stars as a luminous member of high society, whom women envy and men desire--and who must fight for her life after her husband comes home unexpectedly and sees his wife, her handsome young admirer ... and The Kiss. Charles Guarry (Anders Randolf) walks in on his wife, Irene (Garbo), innocently kissing Pierre Lassall (Lew Ayres). He misunderstands what he has seen, and in another room a shot rings out. Charles lies dead; the telephone rings; and Irene claims that he committed suicide. But when the police learn of the problems in the Guarrys' marriage, they charge Irene with murder. Now, Irene's life is in the hands of the man she secretly loves, her defense attorney André Dubail (Conrad Nagel).
Starring Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel, Anders Randolf
Director Jacques Feyder