The New Age
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"Your inner child is running us into bankruptcy!" Katherine Witner screams at her newly jobless husband Peter. "Why don't you get in touch with your inner adult?" A with-it L.A. couple scrambles to avoid being without it in the sharply witty The New Age. Following up his biting screenplay for The Player, writer/director Michael Tolkin now bursts the balloons of more La-La-Land sham and scam. Peter Weller and Judy Davis play the Witners, a trendy twosome with more dollars than sense as they careen along a downhill path of mad business pursuits, sexual escapades, new-age babble and questionable spiritualism. In a glitzy society where everyone's born to shop, the Witners are starting to drop - and they're going like the '90s in "the sexiest, smartest comedy this decade has produced" (Polly Frost, Harper's Bazaar).
Starring Peter Weller, Judy Davis, Patrick Bauchau
Director Michael Tolkin