The Rooftop Christmas Tree
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Defense attorney Sarah Wright doesn’t know why her reclusive neighbor, Mr. Landis, places a lit Christmas tree on the roof every year, but he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember. And every year, this violation of the town’s penal code lands him in Judge Conner’s courtroom and puts him at risk for jail time. Yet for all the difficulty it causes him, Mr. Landis refuses to reveal why he does the same thing, every year, without fail. Finally, Sarah and Judge Conner take matters into their own hands. With only a few days until Christmas, Sarah agrees to represent Mr. Landis. The Judge imposes the task of rectifying the Landis case for good, insisting that the handsome but irritating prosecutor, John Keaton, help Sarah. Forced to pool their resources together, the young attorneys must set differences aside and eventually discover that the mystery is more personal and heartbreaking than anyone could suspect.
Starring Michelle Morgan, Tim Reid, Stephen Huszar
Director David Winning