Waiting for Dali
It's 1974. Brothers Fernando and Alberto are cooks in a French restaurant in Barcelona. Alberto's politics force them to flee to Cadaqués with François, a French hippie who lives in the coastal town. François introduces them to Lola, his girlfriend, an attractive marine biologist and keen diver. Lola gets the pair jobs as dishwashers at El Surreal, a restaurant in Port Lligat owned by Jules, her father. Jules runs the joint in his own crazy fashion. He's a big fan of Salvador Dalí, and the artist is never far from his thoughts. This Dali obsession sees Jules wind up in some pretty surreal situations. Meanwhile, the political climate keeps the tension cranked up high, and the omnipresent Lieutenant Garrido hardly helps.
Starring Ivan Massagué, Paco Tous, Clara Ponsot
Director David Pujol