Where Love Has Gone
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"Bette Davis sinks her teeth into her role... and devours it with a style glorious to behold." -Judith Crist, The New York Herald Tribune. When fiery Academy Award-winning actresses Bette Davis and Susan Hayward square off in the same movie, they better have a film worthy of their pyrotechnics. That's just what they found in Where Love Has Gone, a torrid story of passion, lies and murder based on Harold Robbins' sensational bestseller. Hayword plays a famed sculptress who live by no rules but her own. Davis portrays her domineering mother. Mike Connors (TV's Mannix) is her estranged husband. And Joey Heatherton costars as Hayward and Connors' daughter, who brings all three generations into conflict when she's accused of murdering her mother's gigolo lover. Possibly inspired by the notorious Lana Turner - Johnny Stampanato case, Where Love Has Gone is melodrama at its most riveting.
Starring Susan Hayward, Bette Davis, Mike Connors
Director Edward Dmytryk