Wine Crush
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Every year for the harvest, a motley team of laborers travels from the north of France to a celebrated family-owned vineyard in the Champagne region. Many of them have been picking these grapes for a quarter century and, though the work can be grueling, there is a cherished comfort in the comradery, the lovingly prepared meals, and the late-night partying. But as the winemaker begins to hand over the business to his son—and younger workers increasingly join the team—it is unclear if this harvest tradition can endure. Weaving intimate vérité scenes through the whirlwind labor of the harvest, Wine Crush (Vas-y Coupe!) is an immersive and affectionate portrait of a revolutionary natural Champagne-maker and his loyal workers, and an exploration of French social class, tradition, and community.
Starring Anselme Selosse, Guillaume Selosse, Bruno Santiago
Director Laura Naylor