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A Muslim orphan is taken in by a Panditji and he grows up , gets married to Maryam and continues to show his gratitude to his caretaker parents and friend-turned sibling Dina Nath and wife Girija. Just when the situation appears idyllic, terrorists strike at the heart of the family. The ageing parents of Dina Nath are killed and both Dina Nath and Girija have to flee the state to save their lives, leaving behind a 6 month old child Posh, whom they believe to be dead. Abdul Qadir witnesses the massacre while coming back home one night and once the terrorists move out of range , he rescues Posh and takes the child to his wife who is only too willing to care for the child with whom she had developed an attachment of sorts. Abdul Qadir, whose only ambition was to go to Haj on a pilgrimage, now abandons that plan and decides to make the search for Dina Nath and Girija his new goal.