Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky worked on a variety of projects during her entertainment career. Fedotowsky began her career with roles in "The Bachelorette" (2002-2015), "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose" (ABC, 2009-2010) and "The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose" (ABC, 2009-2010). Fedotowsky also appeared in "Fashion Police" (E! Networks, 2010-14), "A-List Vacations" (E! Networks, 2013-14) and "Biggest Reality Scandals" (E! Networks, 2013-14). She also worked on "Blue Jasmine" (2013) and "Celebrity Boot Camp" (E! Networks, 2013-14). More recently, Fedotowsky appeared on "Pop Goes the Year" (E! Networks, 2013-14).


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