Barclay Hope

Barclay Hope is a Canadian character actor working primarily in television. Many of Hope's biggest roles have been Canadian productions, though the majority of his work has been done in the United States He began his career in 1983, with three episodes on the Canadian-made comedy "Hangin' In." By the end of the 1980s and into the '90s, Hope's resume took on a vaguely ominous cast, with appearances on such dark series as "The Twilight Zone" (the revived version), two episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," three episodes of "Friday the 13th," and another on "War of the Worlds." In 1993, he began a recurring role on the Canadian drama "Street Legal," appearing in six episodes, and then in 1996 he landed the biggest part of his career, as Peter Axon on the sci-fi drama "PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal," a Toronto-based production that was hosted by native Canadian Dan Aykroyd. Hope appeared as Axon on 85 episodes over the series' four seasons. After a brief, three-episode stint on the Showtime drama "The L Word" in 2004, Hope was back in the sci-fi genre with the recurring part of Colonel Lionel Pendergast on the United States/Canada-produced "Stargate SG-1." In 2007, Hope landed yet another recurring part on a sci-fi series, this time as Gen. Mansfield on the Syfy channel show "Eureka," starring Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter.


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