Bill Stevenson

Bill Stevenson was a great addition to any film comedy after having enjoyed several successes in his Hollywood career. Stevenson started his acting career landing roles in such films as the Dudley Moore comedic fantasy "Like Father, Like Son" (1987), the Sidney Poitier drama "Little Nikita" (1988) and the Tom Hanks comedy "The 'Burbs" (1989). He also appeared in "Say Anything" (1989). Stevenson also contributed music to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (1985) with Biff Yeager. He continued to act in productions like the drama "The Last Seduction" (1994) with Linda Fiorentino, the Dustin Hoffman action flick "Outbreak" (1995) and the Brendan Fraser comedy "Blast From the Past" (1999). He shifted from film to television work through the early 2000s through the 2010s, appearing on "NCIS" (2003-), "The Middle" (ABC, 2009-) and "Fresh Off The Boat" (ABC, 2015-). Stevenson's music was most recently featured in the drama "Song to Song" (2017) with Ryan Gosling.