Charley Koontz

Charley Koontz

Charley Koontz was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Koontz's career began with roles in "Modern Family" (ABC, 2009-) and "Gigantic" (TeenNick, 2010-11). His work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "Off-Season Greetings" (USA, 2012-13). Following that project, he acted on the silver screen, including roles in the Jack Plotnick horror feature "Rubber" (2011), "Contracted" (2013) and the Matt Mercer horror flick "Contracted: Phase II" (2015). He also played parts in television during these years, including roles in "Awake" (NBC, 2012) and "CSI: Cyber" (CBS, 2015-16). Koontz most recently acted in the action film "Road to Juarez" (2015) with William Forsythe.


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