Chris Patton

Chris Patton is a voiceover artist and part of a stable of actors in Houston, Texas, that provide English dialogue for the company ADV Films, which specializes in American distribution of Japanese anime films and television shows. Patton began his performing career on the stage but later discovered that voice acting was his true calling. Through his work with ADV, combined with other Texan anime production studios Seraphim Digital and FUNimation Entertainment, Patton has voiced over 160 animated titles since he got his start in 1986 as Glam in "Megazone 23 II," a mind-bending show that imagines a post-apocalyptic future in which humans unknowingly live in a simulated version of the 1980s. The actor has played characters in "Purinsesu Chuchu," "The Galaxy Railways," "Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers," and "Utawarerumono." Patton has also provided voices for the popular "Dragonball Z" series of video games and has many commercials, audiobooks, and narration performances to his credit.