Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti

Since making his screen debut in the late '90s, Henri Lubatti has appeared in numerous television series, most notably dramas. He got his start in the Pacific Northwest theatre scene, and subsequently moved from his native Seattle to Vancouver, Canada, where he landed a role in an episode of "The X-Files." After a few more guest-star appearances, he closed the decade with two high-profile television projects: the suspenseful miniseries "Atomic Train," about a freight train carrying a Russian nuclear bomb that becomes a runaway as it approaches Denver, and the drama series "Felicity." In "Felicity," he played romantic interest David Sherman for several episodes during the 1999 season. In the 2000s, he has appeared in a wide range of television programs, showing off his gift for foreign accents. Along with appearing in "24" in a recurring capacity as Jovan Myovic, a Serbian assassin hired to kill Jack Bauer's loved ones, he bleached his hair to play Ilija Korjenic, a Bosnian Muslim terrorist in the Showtime series "Sleeper Cell." He also guest starred as a charming mental patient who initially passes himself off as a doctor in a 2010 episode of "Bones."



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