Iain Morris

Iain Morris

Iain Morris (born 6 August 1973) is an English writer. He is best known for creating The Inbetweeners with his writing partner Damon Beesley and co-hosting a show on London radio station XFM with stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr. He featured in the "Iron" and "Music" episodes of cult spoof TV show Look Around You, as well as on Jimmy Carr's second live DVD, as a panelist on a feature named Comedy Idol. Other writing credits include two episodes of HBO's Flight of the Conchords: Season One's "The Actor" and Season Two's "Unnatural Love". Morris also co-wrote the screenplay alongside Taika Waititi for the upcoming 2020 sports comedy Next Goal Wins and co-scripted the football comedy series The First Team for the BBC in 2020.