Jamie Hector

Jamie Hector

Jaime Hector is a Haitian-American actor best known for his role in the HBO series "The Wire." Hector grew up in Brooklyn and began acting in high school. He pursued roles in community-theater and while in college, began landing small TV and film roles. The 20-minute short "Five Deep Breaths" played the festival circuit worldwide in 2003 and captured the interest of the producers of HBO's inner city drama "The Wire." Hector was cast in the third season of show, and his ruthless and ambitious drug dealing character Marlo Stanfield remained with the show until its finale. After "The Wire" ended, Hector was cast in the NBC sci-fi series "Heroes," playing the villain Benjamin "Knox" Washington through the show's third season in 2008. Hector graduated to larger film roles, appearing it the video game-based action film "Max Payne" in 2008, sharing the lead in the hip-hop crime drama "Just Another Day" in 2009, and playing a Black Panther in the 2010 period drama "Night Catches Us." Hector has also founded Moving Mountains Inc., a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization with a mission to help direct impoverished youth towards creative avenues.


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