Time After Time

S3, E1: Time After Time

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In the Season Three premiere, a wave of urban reform brings down the notorious Franklin Terrace public housing towers, forcing the Barksdale drug crew to find a new home. Stringer Bell sets up shop using a new sales strategy as he awaits the return of Avon. McNulty, Greggs and the Detail look to make a case against Stringer with a wiretap on a drug ring run by his ally, Proposition Joe. Assigned to the Western District drug unit, Carver and Herc notch up the pressure on dealers. Burrell is caught in a power play by Councilman Tommy Carcetti. Mayor Clarence Royce, facing re-election next year, puts Burrell on notice that crime stats must come down. The order from on high has put police commanders in the hot seat during the new Comstat meetings. Daniels, too, is confronted by the reach of City Hall, as his promotion to major may be derailed. A rash of murders cuts short Bunk's day at the ballpark. On the eve of his parole, Cutty Wise is offered a new start on the outside by Avon.