Jessica Schwarz

Jessica Schwarz

Jessica Schwarz found incredible success as an accomplished actress, appearing in a variety of films throughout her Hollywood career. Schwarz began her acting career appearing in various films, such as "Off Beat" (2005), "Der Rote Kakadu" (2006) and "Die Wilden Hühner" (2006) with Michelle Von Treuberg. She also appeared in "Perfume: the Story of A Murderer" (2006) and the Michelle Von Treuberg family sequel "Die Wilden Huhner Und Die Liebe" (2007). Her passion for acting continued to her roles in projects like the foreign "Fashion Victims" (2007) with Edgar Selge, "Nothing But Ghosts" (2007) with August Diehl and "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Park" (2007). She also appeared in "Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family" (2008), the Veronica Ferres foreign sequel "Die Wilden Huhner Und Das Leben" (2009) and "The Door" (2009). More recently, she tackled roles in "Der Mann der über Autos sprang" (2011), the Max Riemelt dramatic comedy "Heiter bis wolkig" (2012) and "Jesus Loves Me" (2012). Most recently, Schwarz acted in "Der Koch" (2014).