John D. Hancock

John D. Hancock

Hancock returned to features as the auteur of "Weeds" (1987), producing, directing and co-writing (with wife Dorothy Tristan) this unique character study of cons-on-the-boards, based on Rick Cluchey's real-life experiences with the San Quentin Drama Group. He then directed "Prancer" (1989), his last feature to date, shooting the movie in his Indiana boyhood home of LaPorte. Though the film worked for kids as a charming fantasy about a child's undying devotion to an animal, Hancock was also able to provide adults with an effectively sentimental mirror of childhood innocence.In 1998, he opened his own production company FILMACRES in LaPorte, Indiana. He has produced and directed the feature film "A Piece of Eden" in 1999 and directed the suspense thriller "Suspended Animation" in 2001-2002.