Joo Jin-mo

Ju Jin-mo was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Early on in his acting career, Jin-mo landed roles in various films, including "Hak-Saeng Boo-Keun Shin-Wei" (1996), the Choi Min-shik drama "Haepi endeu" (1999) and "Shilje sanghwang" (1999). He also appeared in "Musa" (2001) with Ahn Sung-ki, the action film "Zu Warriors (Remake)" (2001) with Ekin Cheng and "Wanee & Junah" (2003). He kept working in film throughout the early 2000s, starring in the Jeong Jae-young foreign "Georukhan Gyebo" (2006), "Minyeoneun Gwiroweo" (2006) and "Puzzle" (2006). He also appeared in "A Love" (2007), the Jeong Jae-young foreign "Going By the Book" (2007) and the crime drama "Tajja" (2007) with Baek Yun-shik. Recently, he continued to act in the Jo In-seong dramatic period piece "A Frozen Flower" (2008), "Sunny" (2008) and "Jeon Woo-chi" (2009) with Gang Dong-won. He also appeared in the dramatic fantasy "Postman to Heaven" (2009) with Heo, "A Better Tomorrow" (2010) and "Gabi" (2012). Jin-mo most recently acted in "Friend 2: The Legacy" (2013).