Lisa Stahl

Lisa Stahl was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Stahl worked on a variety of projects during her early entertainment career, including "Invasion U.S.A." with Chuck Norris (1985), "Johnny B.. On the Loose" and "Public People -- Private Lives" (1988-89). She also contributed to "Shallow Grave" (1987), "True Detectives (03/29/91)" (CBS, 1990-91) and "True Detectives (04/05/91)" (CBS, 1990-91). In the nineties, Stahl devoted her time to various credits, such as "True Detectives (04/26/91)" (CBS, 1990-91), "True Detectives (12/28/90)" (CBS, 1990-91) and "Down the Shore" (Fox, 1991-93). She also appeared in the Tom Cruise blockbuster dramatic comedy "Jerry Maguire" (1996). Most recently, Stahl acted on "Oh Grow Up" (ABC, 1999-2000).


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