Mark Boone Junior

Mark Boone Junior

With his burly physique and unruly hair, Mark Boone, Jr. has become an unmistakable presence in film and TV. Born Mark Heidrich in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1955, Boone grew up in Minnesota, where he bought his first motorcycle for $50 at age 11. He drove the bike on a stretch of property that his grandparents owned in Wisconsin, but he quit at age 18 at the request of his mother, after his brother-in-law was horribly injured in a motorcycle accident. Boone went to college at the University of Vermont, and from there, to New York City. He got involved in the stand-up comedy scene, and began writing and performing underground theater with a friend he made named Steve Buscemi. Boone would also appear in a number of on-screen projects, making his debut in an independent drama called "Variety" (1983). By 1989, he was ready for a change and relocated to Los Angeles, though he would continue to work with Buscemi, notably playing an important role in Buscemi's directorial debut, "Trees Lounge" (1996). Meanwhile, Boone made memorable appearances in films like "Memento" (2000) and "Greasewood Flat" (2003). In 2008. Boone revisited the past-time of his youth when he was cast on the popular series "Sons of Anarchy" (FX, 2008-2015) as Bobby Munson, member of the tight-knit SAMCRO motorcycle gang.



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