Mary Tsoni

Actor Mary Tsoni wowed audiences worldwide when she played the strange younger sister in Yorgos Lanthimos' acclaimed film "Dogtooth" (2009). Born in Athens, Greece but raised in Livadia and Chani, Tsoni was a natural performer from early on, attending State School of Orchestral Art to study acting and later training as a dancer at the Musical Theater Dance Attic in London. Pursuing her love of the arts on nearly every front, Tsoni began working as a makeup artist before her career as an actor took off. Her first opportunity to appear on screen came in 2005 when she appeared in the zombie horror film "Evil" (2005), and later in the independently released "The Northern Street" (2005) that same year. Around this time, Tsoni also began earning a steady following as the lead singer of the rock/electronic band Joalz, as well as the punk band Mary and the Boy, which released its self-titled debut in 2007. After "Dogtooth," Tsoni would act in the dramedy "Ta oporofora tis Athinas" (2010) and appear in the docu-fiction film "Artherapy" (2010) as herself. Tsoni subsequently took a break from acting to focus on her musical career. Tragically, she died in May of 2017 at her home in Athens. She was 30 years old.