Maulik Pancholy

Maulik Pancholy

Although born in the United States, actor Maulik Pancholy is of Indian heritage, which has led to him often playing ethnic characters on television and in films. He had his first television roles in 1998 in four different shows; he played a young man named Achmed on the teen comedy "USA High," which was created by Peter Engel, also responsible for "Saved by the Bell," and portrayed Rasheed on "City Guys," another Engel-penned comedy. He followed that auspicious start with three more roles the next year, including his first film appearance in "The Auteur Theory," a spoof of pretentious student films. He also had his first recurring role that year, in two episodes of Tracy Ullman's show "Tracy Takes On. .," which presented social issues with a comedic slant. In 2005, he landed in one of his best known roles, appearing as gay college student Sanjay, who is recruited to sell drugs when he is desperate for money, in the popular comedy "Weeds." The next year, he took on the role for which he may be best known, playing Jonathan, a sexually ambiguous assistant to an NBC executive in another hit comedy series, "30 Rock." 2010 was another busy year for Pancholy, with him appearing in five different films, including the drama "Good Sharma," romantic comedy "See You in September," and dramedy "Raspberry Magic." He has also performed in voice roles in such shows as "Phineas and Ferb" and "Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosuar."


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