Michael Horton

Michael Horton

Michael Horton is best remembered for playing the role of Grady Fletcher on the long running CBS sleuth series "Murder, She Wrote," which also starred British actress Angela Lansbury. As Grady Fletcher, the bumbling nephew of Lansbury's character, Horton was watched by millions of viewers. He also had the opportunity to work with his wife, actress Debbie Zipp, who coincidentally played Grady Fletcher's wife on the show. Horton continued to act after "Murder, She Wrote," appearing in over 50 films and television series. He had a recurring role as Lt. Daniels in the films "Star Trek: First Contact "and "Star Trek: Insurrection," and a supporting role as a Civil War officer in "Dances with Wolves," which won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 1990. When he's not acting on screen, Horton has lent his voice to several cartoons, including the 1980s television series "The Transformers" and the unofficial sequel to "Snow White," 1993's "Happily Ever After," in which he provided the voice of the Prince.



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