Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney

Michael Muhney is an actor and card-carrying MENSA member best known for his work on the private investigator drama "Veronica Mars," and more recently as Adam Wilson on the soap classic "The Young and the Restless." After making his TV debut in the 1998 mini-series "A Will of Their Own," in 1999 Muhney landed a role in the ensemble cast of "Turks," the single-season crime drama that starred William Devane, the character actor who's known for everything from the saop "Knots Landing" to the thriller "Marathon Man." In 2000, Muhney starred in his first feature film, one of several independent-budgeted projects that he completed throughout the decade, a rom-com called "Love 101." That same year he began an eight-episode run as a detective on another short-lived crime drama, USA's "The Huntress." Muhney took on several more detective or lieutenant-type characters in film and on television, the most substantial of which was that of Sheriff Don Lamb, a less than brilliant crime-solver and a primary rival of the title character of "Veronica Mars," on which Muhney appeared for all three of the series' seasons. In June of 2009 he accepted the demanding job of soap opera regular, entering the pantheon as Adam Wilson--aka Victor Newman Jr.--on "The Young and the Restless," appearing on more than 180 episodes over the course of just a year and a half.



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