Peter Chernin

Becoming president and COO at Lorimar brought Chernin experience with feature film work, including "Dangerous Liaisons," "Action Jackson" and "Running on Empty" (all 1988) and "See You in the Morning" (1989). In 1989, he assumed the post of president of Fox Broadcasting's Entertainment Group, which helped develop such TV hits as "The Simpsons," "Beverly Hills 90210," "Roc" and "In Living Color." When Joe Roth resigned to start up an independent production company in 1992, Chernin was appointed Chairman of Fox; he soon moved to Fox's movie division, leaving its network in the hands of Lucie Salhany and Sandy Grushow. While with the TV division, Chernin was aggressive in expanding the news and sports coverage. Known in the industry as "amiable and reserved," he oversaw such box-office hits as "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993), "Speed" and "True Lies" (both 1994), "Braveheart," "To Die For" and "Waiting to Exhale" (all 1995), "Broken Arrow" and "Independence Day" (both 1996), as well as the usual number of failures. Chernin also helped the studio launch such new divisions as Fox 2000, Fox Family Films and Fox Searchlight, and was known for wooing top directors for studio projects. In 1996, Rupert Murdoch named him president and co-COO (with Chase Carey) of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox.