Philip Granger

Philip Granger

Canadian character actor Philip Granger began his career in theater. Though he remains devoted to the stage, he's also a familiar television presence, regularly appearing in guest spots and recurring roles, especially on series that film in and around Vancouver. His first such part was on a 1983 episode of the police drama "CHiPs." Following a small uncredited role as a hairdresser in Kevin Bacon's 1986 bicycle courier drama "Quicksilver," Granger made his true screen debut in Wayne Wang's neo-noir thriller "Slam Dance" the following year. More substantial film roles followed soon after in the romantic drama "Riding Fast" and the thriller "To Die For." As television production began to ramp up in Vancouver--where Granger works as an acting teacher--in the early 1990s, he began to work primarily on the small screen, both in quickie "based on a true story" TV movies like "Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster," "Falling From The Sky: Flight 174," and "The Amy Fisher Story" as well as on low-budget syndicated TV series that made the Canadian city their home base for financial reasons. In 2010, Granger played the sheriff in the cult horror comedy "Tucker and Dale vs Evil," starring Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk as a pair of gentle backwoodsmen terrorized by a group of college students. Around this time, he also began recurring roles on the science-fiction series "V" and "Caprica."





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