Richard Pepin

Along with partner Joseph Merhi, Canadian-born Richard Pepin was the creative force behind PM Entertainment Group, producer of a large number of low-budget films, usually of the action variety. Pepin's first production credit came in 1981 with the horror film "Scream" for which he doubled as cinematographer, a dual role he would perform often. Beginning in 1986 with the formation of PM Entertainment, Pepin and Merhi produced scores of films, most of which were distinguished by car chases, gunfire, and explosions, rather than the plot or acting. The first title--"Mayhem"--was typical. Directed and written by Merhi, the film had L.A. as a backdrop and featured two men shooting their way to justice. Between '86 and '02 they produced nearly a hundred such titles, among them "CIA Code Name: Alexa," starring Lorenzo Lamas and O.J. Simpson; "Skyscraper," a direct-to-video release staring Anna Nicole Smith; and "Y2K," a thriller starring Louis Gossett Jr. In addition to acting as cinematographer for his own films, Pepin also was director of photography for several adult films in the '80s (under the pseudonym Rick Christopher) and co-created the TV show "L.A. Heat" in 1996. Pepin directed several episodes of that action show as well as the features "Y2K" and "The Box," a 2003 thriller starring James Russo. The prolific and versatile Pepin also has numerous credits as editor on his projects.