Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes' first role as an actor came in 2004 when he became the ninth actor to play the role of Lucas Jones on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital." Prior to his acting work, Carnes graduated from Duke University, where he was a member of the Duke marching band known as DUMB. Carnes is an accomplished drummer, having over 15 years of experience with the instruments, and has worked on a number of musical collaborations. Carnes followed up his work in "General Hospital" with an appearance on "Desperate Housewives." Though he played gay characters in both of these roles, as well as in the 2004 film "Eating Out," Carnes has stated in press interviews that he is not gay. In 2008 Carnes appeared in the straight-to-DVD horror film "Trailer Park of Terror" about a group of troubled youth returning from an outdoor character-building retreat in the mountains, who become disoriented and lost in the woods after their bus crashes and are forced to spend the night in an abandoned trailer park. In keeping with a grim theme, Carnes worked in 2010 on "Suicide Dolls," about two girls who plan a suicide pact and decide to record their last 24 hours on earth.



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