Sheaun McKinney

Sheaun McKinney

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Sheaun McKinney wasn't drawn to the stage until college. Once he found his passion McKinney pursued it. He formed a theater troupe after graduation, then moved to Los Angeles in search of more opportunity. After a few years of appearing in a few supporting parts on shows like "Burn Notice" (USA, 2007-2013) and "Graceland" (USA, 2013-15), McKinney landed a series regular role on "Vice Principals" (HBO, 2016-). On the show, McKinney played the cafeteria worker who tries to keep two warring vice principals from doing too much damage. In 2017, he played a role in two episodes of the period drama "Snowfall" (Showtime, 2017-) about the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles in the 1980s. The same year, McKinney played a recurring role as a taciturn cameraman on the Tina Fey-produced "Great News" (NBC, 2017-), a comedy set at a network news station.