Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh Fernandez

Born in Northern California, Shiloh Fernandez became a model in his teens, appearing in ads for the up-and-coming clothing company American Apparel. After an abandoned attempt at attending college, he relocated to Los Angeles and temporarily worked in the American Apparel factory while trying to jumpstart his acting career. He finally began to gain traction when he won a short run on "Jericho," a ratings-challenged post-apocalyptic series that nonetheless garnered a devoted fan base. While few saw Fernandez's first lead turn in the low-budget thriller "Interstate" (2007), he managed to work with a considerably more established cast in the tense drama "Red" (2008), starring Brian Cox as a vengeful dog owner. Things further picked up for Fernandez when he signed on as the younger brother of record mogul Leonard Chess (Adrien Brody) in the well-received music movie "Cadillac Records" and was featured in initial episodes of the buzzed-about Showtime drama "United States of Tara" (2009-2011). On the verge of a big break as one of the final candidates to portray Edward Cullen in "Twilight" (2008), Fernandez lost the coveted part to Robert Pattinson, but he made an impression on director Catherine Hardwicke. After lead parts in the little-seen indies "Deadgirl" (2008) and "Skateland" (2010), Fernandez was selected by Hardwicke to play one of two handsome forest-dwelling young men vying for the affections of Amanda Seyfried's heroine in "Red Riding Hood." Though the movie wasn't a hit, it revealed Fernandez's potential in high-concept productions, a point not lost on the filmmakers behind the revival of the cult-classic "Evil Dead" horror franchise. Cast as the dutiful brother of Jane Levy's troubled drug addict, Fernandez endured working with gallons of blood and gore when the film takes a distinctly demonic turn. Clearly on a roll, Fernandez turned up in numerous 2013 films, including the punk-themed drama "The East," featuring Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård.



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