Stan Berkowitz

The comic hero Batman has appeared in numerous television programs throughout the years, and in the late 1990s, it was writer Stan Berkowitz's turn to do his part in introducing Batman to a whole new generation of youngsters via a succession of animated series. In the mid to late 1980s, Berkowitz began writing for such television shows as the William Shatner police drama "T.J. Hooker" and reboots of the old-school procedural series "Dragnet" and "Adam 12," before securing his first superhero gig, penning scripts for an animated version of "Spider-Man" in 1995. Immediately thereafter, he began writing for another animated series starring a famous superhero, the 1996 "Superman," before receiving his first Batman assignment, "The New Batman Adventures," the following year. Further Batman-related work soon followed for Berkowitz, including a pair of TV movies (1998's "The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest" and 1999's "Batman Beyond: The Movie"), and additional television series (the futuristic "Batman Beyond" and the old-school "The Batman"). Berkowitz also contributed to the multi-superhero cartoon "Justice League" during the same era, and has received numerous award nominations and wins for his work, including a pair of Daytime Emmys.