Sterling Jerins

Sterling Jerins

Sterling Jerins was a child actress who rapidly became one of the go-to pre-teen female actresses in Hollywood for character roles. Her first high profile film role was as Constance Lane, the daughter of Brad Pitt's character in the zombie action-thriller "World War Z" (2013). She also had a continuing role in the short-lived drama series "Deception" (NBC 2013). Jerins' mother was actress Alana Jerins, while her elder sister by six years was actor Ruby Jerins, whose roles included the Martin Scorsese psychological thriller "Shutter Island" (2010) and the Robert Pattinson dramatic vehicle "Remember Me" (2010). Sterling's first appearance was a brief role in medical drama "Royal Pains" (USA Network, 2011), before the career-making part in "World War Z" and "Deception" both arrived. She was later seen in James Wan's huge horror hit "The Conjuring" (2013) and the Rob Reiner comedy drama "And So It Goes" (2014).


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