Wayne Heffley

Wayne Heffley found incredible success as an accomplished actor, appearing in a variety of films throughout his Hollywood career. Heffley began his acting career with roles in such films as the John Bentley war "Submarine Seahawk" (1958), "Crime and Punishment" (1959) and the Tony Curtis dramatic adaptation "The Outsider" (1962). He also appeared in the Craig Stevens mystery "Gunn" (1967), "Maryjane" (1968) with Fabian and "Johnny Got His Gun" (1971). His film career continued throughout the seventies in productions like the horror film "King Kong" (1976) with Jeff Bridges and the Burt Young drama "Uncle Joe Shannon" (1978). His work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "Danger in Paradise" (NBC, 1976-77). He also landed a role in the miniseries "The Amazing Howard Hughes" (1976-77). Toward the end of his career, he tackled roles in the Jane Alexander drama "Testament" (1983) and the romance "Black Widow" (1987) with Debra Winger. Additionally, he appeared on the television special "A Matter of Time" (ABC, 1980-81). Heffley more recently acted on "Evening Shade" (CBS, 1990-94).

Guest Appearances