Yancy Butler

Yancy Butler

An actress who made her feature debut as a young girl in "Savage Weekend" (1976), Yancy Butler made her entrance into adult roles as Eve, a superhuman (and beautiful) cyborg cop on the short-lived series "Mann & Machine" (NBC, 1992). She continued in TV with the Dick Wolf series "South Beach" (NBC, 1993), in which she played an attractive con artist forced to work on the side of the law. Butler made her feature debut in John Woo's "Hard Target" (1993), starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, and followed with "Drop Zone" (1994), portraying a sky-diver opposite Wesley Snipes. Among her other projects, Butler played the female lead in "The Hit List" (Showtime, 1993), alongside Jeff Fahey and James Coburn, and starred in "The Ex" (HBO, 1996) and "Ravager" (Sci-Fi Channel, 1997). Butler found further success starring in the 2000 TNT movie "Witchblade," based on the comic book of the same name. Playing a NYC homicide detective whose life is altered when she discovers the magical titular object, the actress impressed viewers. Indeed, the high ratings for the telepic convinced the network to create a weekly series that debuted in summer 2001 after a high profile marketing campaign.


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